1.年齢制限: 18歳以上の方が対象となります。

2.学歴要件: 特定の学歴要件はありません。

3.日本語能力: 日本語での基本的なコミュニケーションが可能であることが望ましいです。海外からの応募も可能です。


1.公式ウェブサイト: MaryGraceAcademySchoolの公式ウェブサイトを訪れ、応募フォームに必要事項を入力してください。

2.応募書類: 応募フォームに必要事項を記入する他、履歴書や自己紹介書などの提出が求められる場合もあります。

3.面接: 応募書類の審査後、面接の日程が組まれます。面接では、意欲や目標、ロミロミに対する理解などが評価されます。

4.入学手続き: 面接結果に基づき、入学に必要な手続きや学費の支払い方法について案内があります。手続きを完了し、入学が確定したら受講生としての参加が可能となります。


We would like to provide you with information regarding the enrollment requirements and application process for MaryGraceAcademySchool.

Enrollment Requirements:

1.Age Restriction: The program is open to individuals aged 18 and above.
2.Academic Requirements: There are no specific academic prerequisites.
3.Japanese Language Proficiency: Basic communication skills in Japanese are desirable. Applications from overseas are also welcome.
Application Process:

1.Official Website: Please visit the official website of MaryGraceAcademySchool and fill out the application form with the required details.
2.Application Documents: In addition to the application form, you may be asked to submit documents such as a resume or self-introduction letter.
3.Interview: After the evaluation of the application documents, an interview will be scheduled. The interview will assess your motivation, goals, and understanding of LomiLomi.
4.Enrollment Procedures: Based on the interview results, you will be provided with information regarding the necessary procedures for enrollment and payment of tuition fees. Once the procedures are completed and your enrollment is confirmed, you will be able to participate as a student.
For detailed information on enrollment requirements and application procedures, please refer to the official website of MaryGraceAcademySchool or contact the school representative.


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